Who is Metaplexity Associates?

Founded in 1997 by Dr. Bill Estrem, Metaplexity Associates works with its clients to deploy effective enterprise architecture programs that support their businesses.

Metaplexity Associates provides education and consulting services to organizations that are building an Enterprise Architecture program. Our approach is rooted in The Open Group TOGAF Standard. Dr. Estrem has been actively involved in the authoring and development of TOGAF and other Open Group standards since 1995.

Today, there are over 80,000 people who have earned TOGAF 9 Certification. A significant number of these students have come to Metaplexity for their training.

All of our teaching associates are TOGAF 9 Certified and they are selected for their ability to teach. Metaplexity Associates uses only experienced trainers that have a personal background in Enterprise Architecture. They must be certified. Our trainers have held senior positions in commercial and government organizations, worked as consultants, presented to industry symposia and have recent experience teaching the material in the class,

Metaplexity Associates strives to supports our clients as they evaluate, unpack, deploy and adjust their approach to enterprise architecture. Our services are the result of years of experience and exposure to literally hundreds of organizations and individuals on this same journey. We reflect this experience in everything we do including our foundation in a curriculum of education and training services. Everything we do is focused on supporting architecture practitioners and related staff as they ascend the learning curve and as they deploy architecture capabilities in their organizations.

We support your deployment by providing planning and consultancy services in short term engagements which provide specialized skills and knowledge to enable your organization to effectively plan and execute in a way that builds value to your business continuously and efficiently. We don’t want to run your Enterprise Architecture organization. We want to help you run it effectively.

The development and implementation of an enterprise architecture is a complex task that can yield significant benefits. Sound enterprise architecture planning aligns activities to business objectives throughout the process, integrates processes, improves communications and simplifies the governance essential to tactically transforming strategic intent into action.