In April 2018 The Open Group released the TOGAF® Standard version 9.2. This new version of the standard introduces many changes and improvements.

With over 75,000 individuals holding TOGAF Certification, there is a pressing to help those people become familiar with the changes and what they mean to the Enterprise Architecture community.

The Open Group Architecture Forum has addressed this by create TOGAF® 9 Essentials – 2018. This three hour course is intended to make the participants aware of the many changes that have taken place with this release.

Metaplexity Associates, Inc., a leading Accredited TOGAF® Training Course provider, has introduced a version of this course. Using the standard materials provided by the Open Group, Our instructors will step you through the changes and discuss how those changes may impact your organization and its Enterprise Architecture.

Metaplexity Associates will offer the course using On-Line delivery methods based on GotoTraining®. We can also deliver it in live classroom settings.

Course Participants can earn a TOGAF® Essentials – 2018 credential that signifies their understanding of the changes.

Contact us for more information and to register. Send an e-mail to or call us at +1 239 913 6551.