Exciting news! The Open Group has announced the release of version 9.2 of the TOGAF ® Standard. This release of the standard provides numerous new features.

It addresses many change requests that improve the content in technical and editorial ways. The TOGAF ® 9.2 release has expanded coverage of areas such as Business Architecture. A major improvement is the separation of the core standard and guidance documentation. A new TOGAF Library assembles several Open Group white papers and guidance documents.

This curated set of documents will allow the TOGAF standard to respond to emerging trends much faster than publishing a single volume.

Metaplexity Associates, Inc. Is working to create updated versions of its Flagship courses. We will also provide opportunities for our clients to become familiar with the new standard and how it differs from the current and previous versions.

If you are already TOGAF ®9 Certified, you do not need to change. Your certification will remain in force. However, we will provide opportunities to learn about TOGAF ® 9.2 and a credential to signify that you understand the new framework.

Contact Bill Estrem (waestrem@metaplexity.com) if you have questions or for more information about our TOGAF ® 9 Accredited Training Courses.