Bill Estrem, President of Metaplexity Associates, Inc. lead a webinar entitled “Architecting for Agile” on July 25, 2017.  The webinar focused on defining the Agile Enterprise. The webinar was hosted by the Association of Enterprise Architects.

This webinar examined how enterprise methods and frameworks such as Agile, Enterprise Architecture, and Lean can be adapted to work in concert to maximize value for the organization and its customers.

The disciplines of Enterprise Architecture, Agile Software Development, and DevOps can appear to be opposed to each other in some respects.  However, this does not necessarily have to be the case.  It is important that these groups cooperate with each other.  The Enterprise Architects need to ensure that their efforts to define the standards needed to keep the enterprise properly governed.  They must ensure that their work does not become a bottleneck that interferes with efforts to deliver solutions more rapidly.  On the other hand, the Agile developers and operations teams must stay within the established architectural standards.  Where change is needed, they should work with the architecture staff to make those changes using a governed approach.

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