Welcome to Metaplexity Associates!

We serve corporations and individuals seeking TOGAF knowledge and certification.

  • We maximize your training time and effort by
    • Fully preparing you for certification
    • Preparing you to effectively use of TOGAF after you return to work
  • We  accomplish this with
    • Proprietary course curriculum including
      • Unique content and structure
      • A relevant case study
      • Open Group practice exams
      • Course workbook with different types of exercises
      • Student Course Website with many additional resources for study, review, use at work and topic enrichment.
    • Instructors with
      • Experience delivering this course
      • Background and experience in Enterprise Architecture
      • Contributions to The Open Group’s body of knowledge in EA and TOGAF
      • An attitude of “no student left behind”
  • Our goal is to engage you personally as a certified practitioner in the broader community of TOGAF practitioners

TOGAF Certification is more of a journey than a goal. This is true for both individuals and organizations.

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Over the past twenty years we have been deeply involved in all areas of Enterprise Architecture. The focus in our original web site was on TOGAF training. That material is still here and has been greatly expanded. We have also been very active in local Enterprise Architecture organizations, ongoing development of the TOGAF standard in The Open Group and regular presentations of findings and best practices at national and international symposia. Details will be in the future blog entries. In the future we will keep you informed about what we are up to in other new areas as well.

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